April is here.

Elizabeth Rivas

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April showers bring May Flowers.
     That's what they say. I am not a fan of the rain but spring is a time to shake off that winter grey and brighten up. We are adding new things to the page regularly. You'll see our advertising on fb and IG. so, support us and share our page, comment give feedback and we will send you a code for 10% off just screen shot your share, comment or feedback.
     What are you planning for 2017 vacation wise? Don't forget we have a travel software that beats the other guys 70-80% of the time. Just message and we will send you the details.
     Our name is Travel start but we re not just a travel company we also are just a store looking for customers who enjoy shopping and socializing, and sharing that experience with other's.
Happy Spring!
P.S. Don't forget Mothers day is coming so shop early.

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