Buxom Kitty

Elizabeth Rivas


Hello Ladies,

I wanted to show you Buxom kitty. She is becoming kind of our mascot. I was looking for a piece that was unique but voluptuous. We have all seen so many beautiful model type woman represented in photo's and clothing choices but plus size women get very little exposure.So, I wanted something that was ultra feminine and curvy and would be relevant to all women. As you know I work hard to find clothing that goes from s-xxxl or larger when available. I also  wanted to have my daughter add products to the boutique so that we have things that are for woman of all shapes and sizes. I have been both 120 lbs and now 220 lbs and dealing with health issues. And The frustration for me comes from looking for clothing for my plus size body and not feeling like I'm wearing a sac. I still want to feel sexy and feminine even while battling weight due to health issues. I imagine that I am not he only one...So you can rest assured that when you visit Liz Pick's we have items to fit a plus size woman that loves her body and want's to shows off her assets but not in a inappropriate way.I also loved dressing myself when i was more fit and svelte and so my daughter was a great resources. She loves being beautiful and a little cheeky but not vulgar or inappropriate. So that as a parent you can rest easy knowing that when to visit Amber Picks the items will be appropriate but also fun for your daughter or loved one.


Buxom Kitty  is Free! Just pay shipping. I know you will lover her as much as we do.

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